Saturday, 7 January 2012

:. Just Around the coRner .:

exam just around the corner
i never feel as nervous as i am now
it is"environmental ethics and law" time
what a night mare!!!!
when u have to struggle wit all your super duper effort
......this exam will truly deeply challenge ur skill n knowledge.
it's 100%!

Oh Allah!!
give me the strenght
after so many years i put "student life" at one site
then...i cannot even lie myself. i feel so nervous!

relax nadiah, it just an exam !
owh ethics and law just make me become crazy
you didnt have exactly the right and wrong answer
~just give ur best ever opinion and argument for all this "philosophical thing"

im truely science people, but for sure i will my best to adapt with philosphers part...huhu
~~when u sincere (because of Allah) u will make alll things in earth change into one other dimension
 positive!!!-thats the best answer-

try it...u will find it too....
To all my beloved friend.......keep up our good work!!
study......pray....doa.....n tawakal..... + success will come to us. InshaAllah
Believe it!
man jadda wa jada

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